Hymn of Constructivists

Russian original (c. 1963) by S. Y. Maslov, set to a folk tune.
Translated by Roman Kuznets.

Though we are few, but we are constructivists
And full of ardor and fervor!
Not scared of heckles, we advance
The science of tomorrow.

 Algorithms will solve all our problems,
 Prove theorems, corollaries, and lemmas;
 Algorithms will answer all our questions,
 Except where there are no algorithms.

With a chance harmony, great Cantor
Managed to capture both old and young alike,
but mysteries of sets and cuts
are fully understood only by us.


A day will come when in their first-year studies
Each fool will understand the construct.
The world of algorithms and recursions
will take the place of alephs.


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